Experience the unforgettable experience of a tattoo in complete safety.
Perfect memories of a successful stay…

Vivez l’expérience inoubliable d’un tatouage en voyage en toute sécurité.

Souvenirs parfaits d’un séjour réussi……


My creations

A series of motifs designed by Virginie Huj, inspired by her abstract painting.
Themes related to imagination and dynamic creativity expressed with a rich, sometimes surprising color
palette, always in harmony with your skin. The color and shapes dialogues to create a warm, lively and
harmonious atmosphere. Emerging style, easy to wear and available on both large and small pieces.

Indian spirituality with its divinities

Words that speak to us, remind us, and sometimes bind us….

Various abstraction revealing every day a new light.

Atmosphere bubbles created in a lyric style that imprint our skin


On the wire, minimalist tattoos in different and simple styles


Patterns from the web classified by themes, to give ideas and to customize before being tattooed. Let your creativity express itself by enriching you with that of others;).

the journey approached from different angles to ink the one that corresponds to you

spirituality also binds us around the world, express it!

the sea often partner of our most beautiful holidays, symbols to keep the memory of these moments.

Small but effective! These discrete tattoos call the eye and create a certain singularity.

The unclassifiable, ideas in bulk to open up again the fields of possibilities.

So, when and where do I meet you ?