Travelink Tattoo offers to deliver your tattoos where you are!

Your holiday memory in all safety and simplicity in an atmosphere of relaxation and privacy preserved.

Dare the unusual and live an unforgettable moment!


calm and relaxation

The time of the holiday is conducive to relaxation, cocooning and making important decisions for yourself.

Get tattooed in a hotel room, guest room, boat cabin, private space for holiday time… It is a privilege, an opportunity to succeed in its choice of tattoo and to properly start the healing, the taking of life in your skin of the motif.Relaxation and calmness promotes a ph of the body favorable to the healing

 You will be fully available to think, create and choose exactly what suits you best, what matters to you. You can express your true self. Far from the outside world, from distractions, from everyday life, it is your singularity, that can reveal your deepest self  in order to imprint within you a work that will correspond to you for life.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, you will enjoy this moment to the fullest.



The tattoo act is subject to very strict rules in France, these are the ones that will be applied during the creation. The equipment is single-use, the inks of excellent quality and vegan . Brand disinfectants…… at each tattoo the surfaces are covered with new films, the tools disinfected with high-end products used in French hospitals and, of course, the needles are taken out of their sterile packaging before you .

The tattoo artist has undergone specific training in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Public Health under articles R1311-1 to R1311-12 and obtained a certificate attesting to his knowledge and committing him to comply with these practices


Listen to what is expressed and respect the desires of the client: listening centered on the motif, the drawing, the shaping.

Listen to what is not expressed. Thanks to a specific training (kinesiology, etc.) the tattooist is sometimes able to perceive unspoken elements and to approach them in all serenity with the future tattoo receiver. Indeed, tattooing is an engaging act that requires clarity of mind in order to make the right choice.

Listen to the needs of the body related to biological specificities. The tattooed cells remain alive, they move and may modify them themselves. It is important to anticipate the different possibilities of “mutation” specific to each skin. 

Listen to business needs. Some parts of the body are more likely to decrease the quality of tattooing depending on the client’s activity. You will be informed of the risks and constraints caused by it.

Listen to lifestyle needs. The healing and clarity of the tattoo’s colours over time are also related to the ph of the skin and your diet. It is important to design the tattoo also based on these elements.

Ink your choices

It is your choices that will be inked in your skins in order to meet your personal desires.

Technical and artistic skills will be put at your disposal to create a lasting personal work.

These personalized tips take into account your silhouette as well as your lifestyles.


The tattoo service in your private space allows you to preserve your privacy.

You are not subject to the eyes of others, you can devote yourself entirely to your artistic experience in complete freedom.